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Current issue: 1/2018

This year’s first issue of Loutkář – Puppeteer focuses on the world of fine arts and its transitions into the world of puppet theatre (of the first half of the 20th century), on the many famous painters and sculptors that devoted a significant period of their careers to puppets and puppetry. The issue includes essays by Radoslava Schmelzová, Erica Michaud (about the German Bauhaus), two excellent studies by Professor Didier Plassard on modernism, avant-garde and futurism, profiles of Paul Klee and Alexandr Calder, and a essay on comparison of the Czech and European progressive art scene written by historian Alice Dubská.

In addition to the secrets of fine art, the issue is presents scenographer František Vítek, and the famous Belgian artist Agnès Limbos and includes also articles reminiscent of recently deceased professor Karel Makonj. Great attention through the whole year will be paid to the ladies that inspire and train the youngest aspiring puppeteers. This, first issue introduces Jarosla Holasová – the teacher from the Art School in Jaroměř. And of course, there are also theatre and film reviews and news. Also the series of puppets and puppeteers in the Czechoslovak television continues.

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